The Technology used by the Internet  was born around the same time as I, this makes therefore sense when you see what I can do with it. I personally wasn’t involved in using it before 1996 (when I was 30). A lot has changed since then.

I moved to Scotland in 1998 after a successful 10 years career in Sub-miniature Electronic Design in Switzerland, at Valtronic  and ETA SA.

Between 1998 and 2012, I worked as a Design Engineer for Raytheon Systems, created, implemented and produced a in house CAE library management system from scratch (with Perl over a web interface), I was also involved in the implementation of what was called “device generators” which consisted of facilitating automatic creation of resistors, inductance and capacitors on silicon chips using Mentor Graphics’ AMPLE, I also started several Businesses, from web consultancy to retail and equestrian reproduction. I also worked as a translation Contractor for an Hydraulics Engineering Firm in Loanhead near Edinburgh.

From 2012 to 2018 I lived in a Farm in Central Scotland located near Stirling, Farm works and other activities was my life, like running a web server, dabbing into web development (for myself and my clients). As well as looking after my horses, chickens ducks and dogs.

In 2012, I then started working as a full time Handyman

As the sole employee of my own Company, this business has flourished into a very well established business with no signs of going out of business any time soon.


1850's perthshire slated roof cottage with big gardens and dogs running freelyIn  2018, my wife and I have moved out  of the horse business and concentrated on renovating our new home, a typical 1850’s Scottish cottage  located in Crieff in Perthshire, she breeds dogs and I am still a very successful  handyman in the central Scotland region.

Areas of expertise

Website engineering, I use the Perl language together with PHP for most of my web applications, all the sites I create were 100% hand coded bearing in mind the web compliance and the dreadful headaches that Internet Explorer created (thanking God this is useless browser is now defunct!).

As the handyman business grew arms and legs, I had less time to do coding, so now I use WordPress for all my current sites, I am also a proficient French/English translator as well as an excellent bookkeeper/business manager.

My current favourite activities are joinery and general management of my own businesses, no matter what you hear, the provision of excellent service is key to any successful businesses.

I also enjoy very much sitting in my garden admiring the birds and my dogs playing on the lawn, when I have time left after all this, I jump on my Motorcycle and go for a ride in the Scottish highlands.