Piloting servo motors using Arduino. Update

Hi there, sorry long time not spoken about this.

I am about to be finished with this project. I am awaiting a motor for the camera rotation as my first one’s was alittle flimsy (a rotisserie motor bah). The kit’s all fitted and test runs worked well.

I still need to enable a web interface to pilot the servos and we should be all good to go.

Thanks for reading…

Ipod on Kubuntu 11.04

Suffering with Ipod on Kubuntu? Me too!

This is the receipe to sync an Ipod Nano (second generation) with Kubuntu:

Create a playlist with Amarok

Load playlist into banshee and sync the IPOD

If “0” songs on Ipod after sync:

Check Ipod with gtkpod and save changes…

Hopefully by this time all should be where it should Yell

It does for me.

Can we have Amarok ablility to copy a playlist on an Ipod please?