Server Migration – Update

Progress is being made into the transition from the USA server to the UK server for the Websites. The Urchin stats log files had to be moved to a ftp readable directory as the current “statistics” folder did not allow ftp access. Daily Synchronisation of the US server backups are also made to the UK server using cron. In addition, mysql databases are also successfully transfered from one server to the other without loss of info by rsyncing /usr/var/mysql/* (bar some precious folders and files). This is very promising.

I expect the websites to be moving to the new server within a fortnight… Once all the websites are transfered. the backup will be made in the opposite direction to maintain integrity. An announcement will be made later on this week to advise website owners not to change their website’s content.

Some more tests need to be made for feedback forms sending emails to the local machine as it might be a potential problem once the UK server is serving/scripting pages.