Piloting servo motors using Arduino.

New project on the rails, a system to control a webcam movement using motors and servos to switch them on and off…

As a reference I have foundĀ  here.

Here are the step used to make the servo work, on an (K)ubuntu machine:

  1. Install arduino repository:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:arduino-ubuntu-team
  2. Install arduino:
    sudo apt-get install arduino
  3. Start arduino in the command line:
    > arduino
  4. Select the correct port in Tools> Serial Port (tick the box)
  5. Copy/paste the code, compile and upload it
  6. Install pyserial (you may need to install easy_install with sudo apt-get install easy_install* python-setuptools:
    easy_install -U pyserial
  7. cwd to the servo.py path and call python:
    >>>import servo
  8. Your servo should move

I will update when I have done more work

* apparently apt-get install python-setuptools is enough, don’t insert “easy install” in the cmdline