Backup strategy – off site backups

The various elements of the backup strategy having been defined and documented earlier, the last step involves the off site backup of the local backups.

This is done using the rsync command to mirror the entire content of the local backups directory as all backups are stored under this directory.

In case of disaster the off site backup could either be burned on a series of DVD’s and posted to the DC to have them restored or sent back to the dedicated server via ftp or other, this is where it is important to have a good backup server capable of coping well with large files.

If I were to rsync all the backup content on my own internal network backup server, this would be quite fast to pull, however ADSL push would need a serious amount of time to upload the content back, even though it is probably the safest way to keep data. And having over 500GB of available space it makes sense.

So I might very well do that as a disaster recovery option…

Have yet to decide. It’ll probably a combination of local network and other remote backup site…