I have a life… (now?)

Even though I have not just been diagnosed with COVID-19 (some kind of influenza, speak to you in 10 years time), I am pleased to report that now more than 10 years after my initial Posting about this matter, I now do have a life.

And a Nice one for that matter 🙂

It was quite fun to read back what I wrote then, the state of the web, what was going on around it and my state of mind, today though, it is quite different: I don’t get involved much about what is going on on the web, except I still am on Facebook, only on the PC though, I rarely comment but like a lot of stuff… I removed it from my phone, like a lot of people seem to be doing these days:

I have also decided to screenshot articles, as link rot is very prevalent nowadays.

Funnily, I had completely forgotten about PLAXO, which is totally rotten dead.

So is Google Buzz (knew it, didn’t like it), Twitter, on the other hand, seems to do quite well, and there is Tik Tok (tried it, useless c**p if you ask me, but hey, your call). Will it stay? Jury’s out!

Instagram, also done it, no longer, I don’t see the point really… But my wife, uses it, as she’s (still) a marketing guru, but instead of big animals it is rather smaller furry (or shall I say hairy) ones now.

Which is also my life now, in my lovely renovated Perthshire Cottage at the edge of the stunning Scottish Highlands.

Me doing a barbie, what else?

My keyboard is trying to tell me that I should also use #hashtags these days. Never saw this coming, but it kind of makes sense, if only some folks could spell, there is one thing I HATE above all, that is news reports (soon to be dead I also hear), littering their “report” with Twitter and other Instagram links.

If I want to read twitter, I blooming well will go on twitter to read them, which I don’t so don’t spam my reading pleasures with these ugly snippets of badly spelled nonsense, please! Another thing I would not miss at all.

The children are now in their late 20’s, one is working, one is on the dole (as a career) and I am desperately trying to boot my last one out of the house, left, came back, left came back and so on for the last 10 years. What is is with this generation? They blame me for all their bad choices, not me sorry, it YOUR life, all I will say is that gaming at home when you’re nearly 30 is not natural… we’ll see in 2035 perhaps it might have changed and I will be near retirement.

Apparently in 2036 there could have been a planetary disaster but it seems that fake newssss was the culprit. #99942Apophis here it comes aargh. but it may get my 40 something out of his room and look up, just maybe.

so enough for the once in a decade rant, see you in ten years I guess.