Server Migration – Update

Currently no progress has been made towards streamlining the dedicated servers operation. Test have been made and all is likely to work on the UK server, however limitations in the software licensing does not allow Spam filtering on the UK server. Also Urchin Stats are only allowed on the US server, given for free by the Data Center Support.

So the plan is currently to host the websites on the UK server as this is primordial for speedy delivery on mainly UK/EU customers and Email service will be on the USA server.

Mirroring of the Websites will be made onto the US server in case of problem on the UK server. Allowing me to switch DNS within hours if necessary…

As for email. A full US server backup will be made and copied both locally and remotely (UK) to prevent loss of email data.

In addition a full UK server backup will also be made weekly on a backup server allocated with the UK server which is in a 3rd location, making the whole system totally redundant and (hopefully) free from data loss risk due to act of gods of any kind.

Having email and websites separated has also got the benefit of reducing the load of the server by half on both machines, this is also going to make website content delivery much quicker…

I believe that it is the best option available at the present time.