Fruit shopping

As I went to get some fruit from my local Supermarket, I decided to take a look at their Country of origin, the Bananas where from Colombia, the Apples from Brazil the Corn on the  Cob from Portugal and a salad from Morocco.

There were no British Fruit, This is hardly promoting local Producers. It is amazing that despite the transport cost, it still make sense to have most cheap products imported from half way across the World than help the economy by buying and producing British. But ah, there’s a problem, buy British and face a sensible increase in price. Yet the economy is on its knees, no-ones buying local produce and no-one’s getting paid …Once in the hole….

I recently bought very cheap (and very good when Barbecued) Lamb steaks, coming from New Zealand, dear Lord! My regular Bacon is from Denmark thank God(!), not too far off then. I buy British, sorry, Scottish Chicken*, which is less than half what you’d be expected to pay for a similar one in Switzerland (yet the price of milk is about the same).

I decided to get my Free range eggs from a local Neighbour like I used to do a couple of months ago, the eggs are really good and they charge £1.50 for half a dozen. Try you get “as good as” Eggs in a shop at that price since January this year.

But the plans is really to get my own Hens and have my very own Free Range Eggs in the not too distant future.

I think I will start to grow my own, again… We should all do. At least we’d have more money for Fuel. Now how much is recycled plastic sheeting?

*And very good too with Roasted Potatoes (which are also Scottish phew).