The US server is being phased out…

This weekend (Feb 6-7th) all websites are being moved to the UK server, the US server will be phased out…

The only big loss is the end of the Urchin Stats as theplanet was offering $0 license for this application, however I don’t think it will be felt too badly…

The job is :

  1. change all DNS records to point all the domain from the old NS (ev1servers) to the new NSes (mydomain)
  2. Backup all the websites using pleskbackup and a list of, see this PDF for information
  3. Backup the Urchin stats (you never know)
  4. copy the backup over to the UK server
  5. Restore the backup
  6. Modify the DNS records for all domains.
  7. Cancel the US server (this will be done on Tue after all is moved and working OK)